Psychotherapy as a science understands body and mind as one entity. The goal is to heal or ease mental and emotional distress and consequently the connected physical symptoms. Psychotherapy helps in times of crisis and can change unhealthy behaviours or attitudes. It also serves to support your personal development and improve your well-being and self-esteem.


As a coach I support you in your personal and/or professional development, to achieve your goals, reflect upon your actions and increase your skills.

My approach

I am trained as a person-centered psychotherapist, which means that I am deeply convinced that every person carries his potential for development within himself and is the only real expert on his own life. You must feel comfortable with our relationship, with the topics and with the pace we are moving at. Only then you can develop and make progress. I see myself as a sympathetic and experienced companion to your process of healing and development. I offer you an environment where you feel accepted, valued, and empathically understood.


In coaching I have more of a systemic approach. We work goal-oriented and develop strategies and solutions to your issues.


A session lasts 50 minutes.

I offer online-sessions via Zoom.

For an initial consultation or further information feel free to contact me: or +43 680 1277915.

About myself

I have experienced many interesting encounters with people in all kind of contexts in my life. I have studied and worked in a variety of positions in several countries and continents. The fascination to get to know people in all their diversity has always been the focus of my attention.


I believe that every person is unique and special. They can realize this themselves, if they are given true, focused attention. That's what makes interpersonal relationships so precious and irreplaceable for each of us. This is the framework I am offering, in order to support people in dealing with their challenges along their personal and professional journey.


I have studied in different directions during my career and I continue to learn and develop these skills with passion. I believe that we never stop learning and as a consequence I understand life and my work with people as a mutual learning experience.

As a psychotherapist and coach I see myself as an expert for processes in which people are the main advocate, such as psychotherapy, coaching, team building, seminars or workshops.


For many years I have worked in leadership and management positions as well as in project development, which gives me valuable experience for my current practice.